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Infrapave Polymer Binder is a Styrene Butadiene Styrene (SBS) thermoplastic elastomer modified paving grade asphalt binder. Asphalt cement is modified by Infratech Polymers Inc. and delivered to the customers as one component homogenious binder, ready to use by conventional plants and equipment.

Infrapave PDS

Infra-EVA-Pave is an Ethyl Vinyl Acetate modifier used to increase stability of mix to reduce rutting and increased resistance to high temperature exposure.

InfraEVApave PDS

Rub-Arb is the result of a proactive approach to reuse of industry waste materials in a beneficial way to the consumer. Using car tire waste, product production costs are reduced, performance is increased, and less material is required to equal conventional asphalts making this a cost competitive product.

Rub-Arb PDS
CTAA Article for Rubberized Asphalt Pavement in BC

|Wimble mix is a specially designed polymer binder to help hold together open graded pavements. Great for tennis court use to help design a puddle free system.

Wimble Mix PDS

Whisper Pave is similar to the Wimble Mix design with greater polymer content for added strength to open graded designs to resist tensile failures that lead to ravelling of this type of pavement design.

Whisper Pave PDS

The all in one solution to bridge deck waterproofing and paving. Rosphalt 50 is a dry mix additive for use on any composite bridge design, replacement for any waterproofing system, replacement for rpoxy, latex modified, silica fume or high performance concrete deck overlay.
Fast application, getting the project open to traffic, with much less inconvenience.



TAG 8000

Rosphalt LT PDS
Rosphalt LT Guidelines
In-Situ Test Data
Port Authority Test Report
Boston Logan Airport Selecting Rut Resistant Asphalt
Boston Logan Airport Epoxy vs Rosphalt Evaluation

High Performance Fuel resistance Airport Grade asphalt pavement. Used over any solid substrate base with P401 designs modified with better cost savings on long term life and maintenance. Stronger and more durable. No waiting or cure times during installations
Aircraft allowed access almost immediately.

Rosphalt Frx PDS
Rosphalt Frx Review

Used around the world. High Performance Cold Mix binder. Specially designed for with additives to work in the toughest conditions. TAG 8000 has been tried, tested, and true to it's word on installations throughout the world and put through the toughest tests on BC mountain top passes and ski resorts.

TAG 8000 PDS
Oregon Evaluation for DOT Summary
Oregon QPL Research notes for cold mix performance products.
Installation Instructions


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