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July 5, 2012

The start of the launch of our new website. Our product listing has been revised to remove and discontinued products from suppliers and new products have been added.

  April 10, 2012 Our line of bearing pads now meet CSA S6-06. Along with the Canadian spec they can now meet AASHTO, European EN 1337.3, British BS 5400, and German DIN 4141.  
  May 1, 2012 With new VOC regulations, Canadian Construction Products removes products with excess VOC's on architectural coatings. During this period to September 1, new water carried products may be introduced to replace the VOC products. In the meantime, Canadian Construction Products is discounting Miton 43 silane sealer to expedite removal of stock to customers who appreciate the added benefits of solvent based sealers.  
  January 9, 2012 To help provide a cost effective solution to customers requiring applications of small amounts of road sealant for parking lot and non-municipal use Canadian Construction Products has available our Little Pucker melter and applicator. This melter is designed for use with our Superpuck sealant. The two go hand in hand to provide a cost reasonable method to address small applications of road sealant.  
  June 14, 2011 Canadian Construction Products opens the door to Bio-Restor, a soy bean based clear asphalt sealant and rejuvenator for newer asphalt pavements. An environmentally sound solution to extending pavement lifespans. The City of Vancouver is our first customer eager to apply Bio-Restor on their roads.  
  March 1, 2011 Canadian Construction Products and Miton Products come to a partnership agreement. Canadian Construction Products will now be representing, manufacturing, and selling Miton's line of products.  

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